christine || mnl || 13
Bc it’s holy week and i saw this near the pool in the resort we were staying in haha

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ig: christine_siy
I really like my cousin’s slippers hehehe :)

ig: christine_siy
These tastes good i s2g
me again haha hi there :) more pics in a while :) help me gain and earn notes please :) i followback, just ask :)
yellow is a nice color <333
so my cousin started taking pictures of me and then i caught her so i tried to stop her then she captured another pic which is this pic and it turned out really nice sooo yay hehe

(Creds to the owner of the photo)
embrace messy hair :)
more quality pics in a while but here let me share you a photo of me and my parents hehehe hi 
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will this get notes or nah
*hopes it does*